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Watching the Number Go Down Gets you to Zero

It’s not a hobby. Shrinking yourself is not sexy. Whatever spark of happiness you feel when you see the number go down won’t last, but instead torment you and demand even more.   

Whatever goal number you’re trying to reach wont make you feel the way you think it will. It will be anti-climactic and you’ll lose more than weight. You’ll lose it all.     .  You’ll be left with Z👏🏻E👏🏻R👏🏻O:  .  〰️Zero friends    〰️Zero hobbies    〰️Zero energy    〰️Zero self-esteem   〰️Zero drive    〰️Zero excitement    〰️Zero interests    〰️Zero emotions    〰️Zero pleasures    〰️Zero personality    〰️Zero adventures

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