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The "No" in Normal: Covid-19 Edition

This isn't the "new normal." This is our "current situation." I prefer this term as opposed to the latter, because it allows us to validate the distress that we are feeling, collectively. The only thing that applies, regarding the word "normal," is the "no."

No, this was not expected, and there was no way to prepare for the Pandemic. No, there shouldn't be this many people dying, around the world.

No, there's no right way to feel about this; no "right" way to handle this situation: some people are getting along just fine (or so it may seem), while others are notably expressing distress. Others may feel anger or resentment, while others are most in touch with fear and anxiety.

No, there is no productivity minimum or expectation while you're sheltering in place...

Just because you didn't learn a second language and crochet your grandmother a blanket does not mean you are less than.

No, you don't have to be strong and resilient. You can feel vulnerable and rely on your supports to help you through this. You can reach out for connection at random times of day without reason. You can increase your self-care activities (infact, this is highly encouraged) to soothe and calm yourself as needed.


No, not everyone is handling this better than you. Instagram is a facade.

No, you don't have to try and keep to the same routine you had pre-quarantine.

No, this is not justification to mistreat yourself and deprive yourself.

No, you don't need less food because you are doing less.

No, you don't need to work on your "summer body" (now, or ever!)

No, not everything on the news is accurate!

No, you aren't over-reacting to the situation.

No, you aren't under-reacting, either.

No, this won't last forever; this is temporary.

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