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Slips are Part of Recovery (Tips + Journal Prompt)

Seriously. It’s ok and actually very common.

Don’t forget about all the skills you have accumulated, and coping tools you have:      〰️ Use your supports   〰️ go to therapy   〰️ follow your meal plan as best you can   〰️ set boundaries so you can prioritize self-care  〰️ Follow pro-recovery accounts    〰️ Unfollow all things Diet Culture    〰️ Set intentions and use affirmations   〰️ Be kind to yourself if you slip and use a behavior   〰️ Exercise only if you feel GOOD and want to 〰️ Label unhelpful thoughts and then let them go   〰️ Journal, read, knit, color   〰️ Set realistic expectations for your progress 〰️ Practice Radical Acceptance    〰️ Make a list of self care activities and do one a day   〰️ Take breaks from social media


Look at the slip as a learning opportunity and answer the following questions:

  • what was going on earlier in the day?

  • what emotions were you feeling and or trying to relieve?

  • how did you feel IMMEDIATELY after the behavior?

  • how can you cope - ahead, should you find yourself in a similar situation?

  • what are three skills you can use when you have a similar urge?

  • who are two safe people you can reach out to for support?

  • what are you taking away from the experience, what did you learn about yourself?

  • what self-care do you need to show yourself compassion?

  • what would you say to a friend who was being hard on themselves?

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