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It's Ok to Struggle More During The Holidays

Seriously. It’s ok and actually very common.

Don’t forget about all the skills you have accumulated, and coping tools you have:  

  • Use your supports  

  • go to therapy  

  • follow your meal plan as best you can  

  • Set boundaries so you can prioritize self-care 

  • Follow pro-recovery accounts

  • Unfollow all things Diet Culture

  • Set intentions and use affirmations  

  • Be kind to yourself if you slip and use a behavior  

  • Exercise only if you feel GOOD and want to

  • Label unhelpful thoughts and then let them go  

  • Journal, read, knit, color  

  • Set realistic expectations for your progress

  • Practice Radical Acceptance

  • Make a list of self care activities and do one a day  

  • Take breaks from social media

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