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Body Dysmorphia Lies, The Body Does Not

Body image distortion is totally real and incredibly distressing. If this resonates with you, I hear you and validate your experience. If you’re struggling with this at the moment, please consider:

Whatever you see in the mirror is good enough; it will get you through your day and into the next.

What won’t get you through the day is pretending that your body is lying to you:   

  • Pretending it’s not hungry when it sends you cues it needs to be nourished   

  • Dismissing it’s requests for rest   

  • Refusing to believe it’s not comfortable in ill-fitting clothes

  • Denying your body’s request for water   

  • Ignoring the feeling of being light-headed when you stand up

Trusting your body is really hard, and it’s a practice that will develop as your relationship with it develops. Give it a try: what is your body telling you right now?

Building a relationship with your body, based on trust and respect, is a journey. It's an investment of both time and energy. However, it will, with out a doubt, pay off. Go for it.

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