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10 Hacks to get the Most out of Session

How are you showing up for yourself in the therapy office?  

Like any investment, therapy is no different: you get out what you put in to it, and that’s something over-which you have complete control.   Show up and go through the motions, and see where that gets you… OR show up and PUSH yourself to be vulnerable, ask the hard questions, and lean in to the discomfort.   Your time is precious and valuable. You can’t get it back. What if you showed up for things in your life with this mindset? How might your experiences shift?

Here are my tips to get the most out of your therapy sessions:
  1. Bring a therapy journal (jot down notes during sessions)

  2. Start a word document on your computer: bullet point three - five main take aways/ insights from each session

  3. Jot down an agenda for session: what do you want to make sure we cover?

  4. Create a before-session ritual: maybe you don't put music on as you drive to session and instead think about you goals, reflect on the week so it's fresh in your head

  5. Do grounding skills in the waiting room (5-4-3-2-1 takes 10-20 seconds)

  6. Keep a mood journal and or thought-record journal to document the week, bring to session

  7. Ask your therapist for book recommendations, podcasts, and workbooks to supplement session work

  8. Ask for homework to do to between sessions to reinforce concepts

  9. Challenge yourself to summarize the session back to your therapist at the end of your 50 minutes

  10. Create a mantra or affirmation that summarizes session and sets your intention for the week

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